ECO Renaissance Manifesto
Offering a pragmatic, non-partisan way forward to achieve a healthier Economy.

This manifesto is an urgent call to US citizens and politicians to think and act observantly as we approach the policy-making period that inevitably follows the November 2020 US elections. It is presented as a pragmatic, non-partisan way forward based on a proven model that operates on Living System principles.

Nordic countries, which pioneered the Living Systems approach, have transformed their political-economies over the past few decades to become one of the world’s most prosperous, democratic, healthiest, best educated, and most productive regions. Also the happiest.

While living systems strategies and applicable principles may vary depending on context, the contributors and signatories of this Manifesto are united in their commitment to this emerging Living Systems approach. As a compelling paradigm shift, it reverses the tragedies of climate change, ecological degradation, crushing debt, social divisiveness, and failures in public health while also reviving democratic regenerative free market systems.

It is essential that political leaders of both parties understand what’s at stake. Although we face daunting challenges in the years ahead, this is a pragmatic path forward that transcends politics and enables us to flourish in harmony with each other and the rest of life on our planet.

THE Manifesto


The United States is living in a time of profound political-economic stress. And we are not alone. That stress reflects the breakdown of the old “neoclassical” industrial system due to the ecological, social and financial disruptions of its over-reaching policies, and the emergence of a new more regenerative one.




Joseph H. (Jay) Bragdon is the General Partner of Conservest Management Co., an investment advisor to high net worth families. Economies That Mimic Life will be his third book on the subject of biomimicry in business and economics.

As a pioneer in the field of corporate stewardship, he co-chaired the first national symposium on “Corporate Responsibility in Investments” at the Harvard Business School in 1972. Jay serves on the board of the Academy for Systems Change. He was also a director of the Donella Meadows Institute prior to its merger with the Academy.


John Fullerton

John Fullerton is the founder and President of the Capital Institute, and the author of Regenerative Capitalism: How Universal Principles And Patterns Will Shape Our New Economy. 

He is an unconventional economist, impact investor, writer, and some have said philosopher. After a successful 20-year career on Wall Street where he was a Managing Director of what he calls “the old JPMorgan,” John listened to a persistent inner voice and walked away in 2001 with no plan but many questions. A few months later he experienced 9-11 first hand. The questions crystalized into his life’s work with the creation of the Capital Institute in 2010 where his work reflects the rising evolutionary shift in consciousness from Modern Age thinking to Integral Age thinking.

Dr. John R. Ehrenfeld

Dr. John R. Ehrenfeld is the author of Flourishing: A Frank Conversation about Sustainability (with Andrew Hoffman) and Sustainability by Design: A Subversive Strategy for Transforming Our Consumer Culture. He retired in 2000 as the Director of the MIT Program on Technology, Business, and Environment. In June 2009, the International Society for Industrial Ecology awarded him its Society Prize.

In October 1999, the World Resources Institute honored him with a lifetime achievement award for his accomplishments in the field of business and the environment. He received the Founders Award for Distinguished Service from the Academy of Management’s Organization and Natural Environment Division in August 2000. He holds a B. S. and Sc. D. in Chemical Engineering from MIT, and is author or co-author of over 200 papers, and other publications.

Carolina Fernandez-Jansink

Carolina Fernández-Jansink is a regenerative business strategist and Biomimic who supports companies and their leaders transition their business models towards Regeneration and Thrivability.

She is the founder of Cascading Sustainability LLC, a firm that helps businesses realign to the way Nature works to improve their positive impact and financial performance. She co-founded Origen Group, an organization that invites businesswomen in Latin America to be empowered by Nature; is Head of the Americas at COBIOM, a German-based sustainable swarm intelligence platform; and member of the Regenerative Communities Network of the Capital Institute.

Together with her family, she lives in the Line Creek Watershed located in the Appalachian Piedmont Forests, USA.

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