AUTHOR - Joseph H. Bragdon

Joseph H. (Jay) Bragdon is the General Partner of Conservest Management Co., an investment advisor to high net worth families. Economies That Mimic Life will be his third book on the subject of biomimicry in business and economics.

As a pioneer in the field of corporate stewardship, he co-chaired the first national symposium on “Corporate Responsibility in Investments” at the Harvard Business School in 1972. Jay serves on the board of the Academy for Systems Change. He was also a director of the Donella Meadows Institute prior to its merger with the Academy.

Economies That Mimic Life

The world economy today is at an historical inflection point. The neoclassical (industrial) model of economics is self-destructing while a new life-mimicking model, based on radically different assumptions, is emerging. 

The new model assumes that economies are sub-systems of life rather than super-systems that are above life. This simple reversal of traditional doctrine revolutionizes free market capitalism by making it more attuned to the living world that ultimately supports it.

Countries operating on this new model are today world leaders in sustainable innovation, social inclusion, productivity, prosperity and fiscal integrity while those operating on the industrial model are trapped in a downward spiral where ends (GDP, profit) subvert the means of their attainment (the wellbeing of people and Nature).

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